Friday, June 8, 2012

Blurbs for Ecothrifty

I'm having a terrible time thinking of whom to ask for blurbs for Ecothrifty. Blurbs, or endorsements, are those quotes on the back cover of books from famous people who say how much they love your book. It was easy for Homegrown & Handmade -- just ask other people who've moved out to the country to live a more natural life, and there are plenty of them who've written books, so people will recognize their names. However, figuring out who likes saving money and doing the green thing is harder! Rich and famous people don't need to save money. Although there are plenty of celebrities who live greener lifestyles, they're about as hard to contact as hermits -- maybe harder.

So, if you can think of anyone who is into greener living and saving money and has a name that people might recognize, speak up! And if you also happen to know how to contact them, you get extra points!

And if you haven't already "liked" it, head on over to Facebook and check out the Ecothrifty page!

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  1. Steve & Annette Economides are America's Cheapest Family. Their website is I didn't see a "contact us" page, but there is a spot to "send in a tip". That might work. The woman who wrote the Tightwad Gazette is retired from writing. Amy Dacyczyn. I read a current interview with her, but I haven't found contact information on her. Didn't dig long, though.